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All about Luis Moro. The man, the filmmaker, the legend.

CBS 4 Miami interview

 Luis Moro Coconut Grove, Miami CBS4 Miami Luis Moro interview Aug 26, 2006 10:40 pm US/Eastern Cuban Filmmaker Violates Embargo, Makes Film Dave Malkoff Reporting (CBS4 News) COCONUT GROVE A young Cuban filmmaker violated the embargo against Cuba and went to his homeland to produce a documentary. He feels he was just exercising his 1st ammendment right of freedom of speech and South Florida moviegoers are enjoying the show. The documentary, Love and Suicide in Havana, is now being considered a popular independent film and is being screened in South Florida. The Federal Government is trying to apprehend Luis Moro, the films maker, for entering Cuba to make the film while the embargo prohibiting such actions is in place. Moro says hes willing to talk to officials and has allegedly made no profit from the one hour and a half film. Moro believes he has not violated any laws and said “we decided to go make a movie, so I did. It’s my right to freedom of speech.” One moviegoer in Coconut Grove, Marty Robertini told CBS4 that “I was surprised at this, and wondered how this happened.” Moro spoke to CBS4s Dave Malkoff and told him that the U.S. Treasury Department repremanded Moro in the form of a 13-page letter saying that entering Cuba and filming a movie was wrong and then went on to question him on how much the film cost to make and what exactly he did to get into the country amidst the embargo. Malkoff reports that Moro has been instructed by his attorneys not to share any information with anyone regarding the government’s inquiries. “How we did this are trade secrets.” Moro says he hopes to see the embargo lifted, but most of all he hopes that people will go out and see his independent film. Moro currently lives in Los Angeles and employed the help of his Miami friend’s in preparation and creation of film. Several screenings of the documentary were being shown Saturday at Coconut Groves Cocowalk Theater where. (© MMVI, CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.)


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