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All about Luis Moro. The man, the filmmaker, the legend.

Living piece of art

The sea wall in Havana, CubaThis has been a journey for my husband Luis Moro, and myself over the last three years. There have been so many people that have shown their love along the way, including the director Lisa France, and producers, and editors (Jokes and Bruno) that became family. We have stories of how this movie came to be, from the moment of conception-to the actual flights to Cuba. As a group we converged in Havana.

A small eager group…a director, a director of photography, sound, and our  actors; Kamar de los Reyes, Luis Moro, Daisy Mc Crackin, and myself…we had an amazing journey. I was four months pregnant with our child and I was in amazment of this island that my husband came from. Everything I took for granted was so desperatly lacking there. On the cutting room floor went half the movie, and from that Luis constructed an amazing work of art. A living peice of art, with sounds and sights so vivid you could almost smell the smells of the city. We stayed up night after night for months until it was only Luis standing peicing together a movie that very few people could see a vision from. We lived with our editors, or they with us…we ate and slept together for months until we had our movie.

 The story of a man that went to Cuba to find the one thing between love & suicide. It was raw, and enchanting. It gripped you, but the relaxation was inevitable as you took a journey through one of the most unique cities in the world. We have enjoyed every single person we have met along the way, that have seen the movie. We have been to festivals with our movie, and every time people stayed behind to ask questions about how we filmed it, and what as a people can we do about the embargo. At the Black Film Festival in Miami we discovered we made history by being the first American filmmakers to break the embargo and film a feature length film there. And the journey began. Luis and I have five children between us, and with the help of family, friends and supporters we have done the impossible. Live on an Independant filmmakers budget. It has been a road of excitement, trepidation, creativity, and soul searching. Everyone who knows us has in one way or another been touched by Love & Suicide.

AMC Theaters has been the independant strong support we needed to put us in our first big chain theaters, we opened in Coconut Grove, Miami mid August 2006. We surprised our critics, but not our fans, when we we had pre-tickets sales for weeks in advance, and drew crowds just like in West New York, NJ, and Palms Springs, Ca. For that reason this year we have been extended for a record breaking 8th week in our fifth AMC theatre. Remember, this is truly a David and Goliath story. We have no studio backing, very little greenbacks, and just a little film that grips your heart. Check out our the opening scene will give you a taste of the film, and with its lush Cuban music, and its intimate feel, our hope you will leave our film a different person.

Opening Scene from our film, Love and Suicide

Shot in Havana, Cuba


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