Freedom to be

All about Luis Moro. The man, the filmmaker, the legend.

“Luis Moro may have created movie history.”

“Luis Moro may have created movie history.”

Lisa Orkin Emmanuel – The Associated Press

“Hollywood heavyweights from Steven Spielberg and Stephen Soderbergh to Francis Ford Coppola and Sydney Pollack have expressed a desire to make movies in Cuba. Scene after scene in Love & Suicide portray a picturesque island …”

Daniel Chang – The Miami Herald

“Cuba: Open for Business? The Berlin Wall crumbled to the ground. Communism also fizzled away in Russia. What’s the next major event to send ripples through the world community? Moro’s masterpiece, “Love and Suicide.”

Jeff Theodore – The Jersey Journal.

“The themes of forgiveness and moving beyond bitterness pepper Love and Suicide.”

Vanessa Arrington – The Associated Press

“…sweeping vistas of the Cuban capital, the famous Malecon seawall, winding picturesque streets of the old city… historical architecture. Moro’s film captured the spirit of present-day Havana.”


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