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Who is Luis Moro?

Luis Moro, known as 'The Juice' to his friends.Luis Moro was born in Havana, Cuba Jan. 2, 1964 to Rufina Alvarez and Luis Moro Sr.. Luis’ father, a pilot, escaped from Cuba to the United States. With five friends they stole a plane and landed in the Everglades. Luis’ mother escaped with Luis to Mexico and lived in Mexico City for over a year. His mother had the double duty of crossing the border once again to the U.S. The immigrant struggle was too much for their marriage and they divorced while Luis was in grammar school. As a single parent Rufina being a professor in Cuba, continued her education in United States and graduated at Jersey City State College. She became an influential Latin Market executive, running the Hispanic’s World Fair at The Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City for a few years. Later, working for the Federal government of the United States she trained Cuban detainees in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. She also was a member of State School for The Arts serving on the Board of Trustees in New Jersey. She passed away in 1998 never seeing her brothers, cousin’s and aunts in Cuba ever again.

Union City, New Jersey is where he was raised. Moro started his comedy acting career in third grade by playing “George Washington” in the stage play version of the TV show: “To Tell the Truth.” Union Hill Highschool Moro, a natural born leader, accomplished numurous activities including Captain of the football team, Class President, and a male cheerleader, to name a few. He attended Rutgers University where he studied acting at Mason Gross School of The Arts, graduating in 1987. He was a strong safety on Rutgers’ football team, and was a three-time letter winner. He is an all-around athlete, winning many metals, trophies and awards; including a national NCAA award Div 1 Player of the Week for football at Rutgers. He was in the Fraternity Phi Gamma Delta. His charisma and good looks won him a place in the Rutgers Calendar, appearing in GQ magazine as well as modeling.

He led training programs for Landmark Education, Youth at Risk and Students for a Better Tomorrow. He began his writing and producing career by creating, writing and hosting the first ever Latin-American real estate and travel television show “Real Estate America” which aired on the #1 Spanish language television network, Univision.

Luis Moro produced, co-wrote and acted in award-winning Independent films such as Anne B. Real, Love and Suicide and The Unseen, the movie. In 2004 Luis Moro’s writing, producing and acting abilities were honored with two Independent Spirit Award nominations for the film Anne B. Real. Anne B. Real received the John Cassavetes Award nomination, as well as the ‘Best Debut Actress Nomination’ for it’s lead actress. Luis’s screenplay rewrites on Anne B. Real earned him the final “Screen Story By” credit. He also co-wrote all the main Hip-Hop rap lyrics in the film performed by the lead character of Cynthia, the lyrics are also her diary entries through out the entire story. You can hear the songs at

Since his award winning year of 2004, Luis has produced three films. All three demonstrate Luis’s diversity as a filmmaker. (1) The Unseen,the movie, a southern Drama. (2) Love and Suicide, an English and Spanish romanic love story set in Havana, Cuba. (3) Venus and Vegas, A buddy comedy set in Las Vegas.
Luis Produced the drama The Unseen, the movie in the deep south of Haralson, Georgia. It stars: Steve Harris, Gale Harold, Phillip Bloch, Judah Friedlander, Catherine Dent, Michele Clunie and Shirley Caesar. The media support behind this ensemble cast is providing the ultimate secret weapon. For example: Phillip Bloch was on Oprah during sweeps week, New York times quote of the week, and in many other media outlets.

Luis also Produced, co-wrote and co-starred in the film Love and Suicide(2005) starring Kamar de los Reyes and Daisy McCrackin. Love and Suicide promises to be a break out cross over film in both Spanish and English. Shot on location in Havana, Cuba and New York. Luis has been on NBC, Associate Press, the front page of The Miami Herald and many other publications since the announcement of Love and Suicide.

His third film as a Producer in 2005, is the buddy comedy Venus and Vegas. It has an all-star ensemble cast starring: Donald Faison, Eddie K. Thomas, Eddie Guerra, Molly Sims, Jamie Pressly, Roselyn Sanchez, Florence Henderson, Abraham Benrubi, Jon Polito, Paul Ben-Victor, Jackie Martling, Steven Bauer and Joe Rogan. This comedy set in Las Vegas, follows three buddy crooks (Faison, Thomas, Guerra) and their dysfunctional personal relationships with their female partners, (Simms, Pressly, Sanchez).

As an actor, Luis can be seen in various film protects, including The Siege, King of the Ants, For Love of the Game, and his debut starring role in Love and Suicide. Luis can also be seen performing his original stand-up comedy at various comedy clubs in Los Angeles. He’s currently prepping for his first taped stand-up comedy special in late June 2006.

As a writer, Luis has also penned several scripts. Currently in development is Born Black: The True story of Mims Hackett: An African American man framed for attempted murder and kidnapping. Then convicted and sent to prison thirty years; because he ran for political office.

Moro is a proud father of five children with husband to me. We reside in Los Angeles. Official Website for Moro Films Luis Moro IMDB


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  1. Hi Luis: My name is Ovi Garcia, from your Union City days, along with your mother Rufina back when you lived on 33er street and Palisade. I don’t know if you remember, Sergio that lived upstairs… well I’m his cousin Ovi.

    I want to try to remind you of as many things as possible so you know who I am. For example: When I used to beat you in basketball, LOL and when Ulisses DelRio thru that long touchdown to you at Roosevelt stadium, how proud i felt of seeing that little kid all grown up.

    Anyway Louie, I have a project that I’ve been working on for about 5 years and if you have time I would like to run it by you. Your mother back in the 70’s, always felt that she could have achieved big things. Big at least to me at that age, but for some reason those words stock on me. I am not sure where this stands, but even at my age, my project still feels big to me.

    I am not sure if you will get this note, but here goes!!

    Ovi Garcia W.N.Y, NJ

    Comment by Ovi Garcia | October 22, 2006 | Reply

  2. Ovi,
    Thank you for the reach out. You can get a hold of Louie at Thanks!

    Comment by bobbilou | October 25, 2006 | Reply

  3. Hi,

    Do you have a synopsis of the story of Mims Hackett? Some years ago I saw part of the 60 Minutes piece on him, and I am almost sure he is my 7th grade teacher (1966) from Washington School in Union City. Am I right? It sounds like a crazy case and I would be interested in reading about it.


    Comment by Stan Hreniuk | December 1, 2006 | Reply

  4. Stan,
    Please forward this comment to He would love to talk to you further about it.

    Comment by Bobbi Miller-Moro | December 17, 2006 | Reply

  5. Dear Luis,
    The Only tuff person in Union Hill that did not pick on me but always defended me against bullies, and not that I needed defending but I thank you for giving me a break every once and a while.
    Hey Luis I have been following your career so I know Jesus has been answering my prayers. and I sure he has answered many Of yours , and I don’t want to be a hipocrite but I remember your B Day Cause my Daughters B Day is also in January on the 22nd. born in Secaucus NJ in 1998 and the GOVT wanted to take her away from me and I would not allow it and yesterday I I celebrated her 9th B-Day. So that’s how i remembered you.
    God Bless you and You Family and Your Happiness and May you continue in God Blessing.
    Angel Alvarez

    Comment by Angel Alvarez | January 23, 2007 | Reply

  6. Hello

    Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


    Comment by tovorinok | July 5, 2007 | Reply

  7. luis how are you, its been a long time,i thought of you because some friends and relatives came over to my house and they watched ann.b.real. they loved it,not to mention my part,i played the security at the club and your bodyguard,thankyou for the part,iam ready to do something else. i have been doing videos as the big bodyguard,anyway i hope your in good health;god bless oh how can i get a few copies of anne b real, i cant find them on the market.

    Comment by stafford | March 27, 2008 | Reply

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